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  Title: "Crashes and Second Chances" (5/?)
Rating: M (entire series)
Summary: A scary accident makes Chuck realize that life (even second ones) can be short so she decides to go after what she wants most: Olive. Only things aren't always as good as they seem.
Notes: Thanks again to grumbello for pimping me out!
Part 6
Chuck blinked at them, her heart feeling like it had stopped.  “Engaged?” she said quietly.  “Yeah, ain’t it great?” Randy said smiling idiotically, “I asked her a coupla months ago.  Of course she didn’t wanna have the wedding until you woke up ona count a you being in a coma an all.  But now that you’re awake we can finally have the wedding!”
The brunette looked over at Olive who appeared to have gotten paler since Randy’s spiel.  “Congratulations,” Chuck said almost sadly.  Olive smiled at her softly, “Thank you.”
An awkward silence fell over the room as the two women stared at each other and Randy remained oblivious, beaming down at his fiancé.  For a moment, Chuck could swear that she saw something in Olive’s eyes that reminded her of what she had seen in her dreams.
Chuck swallowed a lump in her throat and turned away.  She had to keep reminding herself that none of that was real.  
“Well, Ima leave you two ladies to catch up,” Randy said kissing the top of Olive’s head and walking out the door.  “So,” Chuck said looking up at the ceiling, “engaged.”
Olive nodded and scooted her chair closer to Chuck’s bed.  “When’s the wedding?” Chuck asked wiggling her fingers stiffly.  The pain had become duller and she could move her limbs more than she could a few hours ago.  She still couldn’t sit up on her own but she could move her arms and legs.
“We haven’t decided yet,” Olive said quietly, “What are you doing?”  Olive gently grabbed Chuck’s arm as she tried to raise it, “You could hurt yourself.”
“I’m fine,” Chuck said quietly relishing the feeling of Olive’s tiny fingers against her skin.  She looked at her arm and cringed when she saw her skin contrasted with Olive’s.  She had always been paler than her blonde friend but now it was as if her skin were ghost like.  Her skin was thin like paper and she could see blue veins snaking up her arm.
“That’s disgusting,” she said as Olive gently lowered her arm back to the bed.  “No, it’s not,” Olive said rubbing her arm soothingly, “You just need some sun.”
“I’m never going to get any sun because I’m never going to get out of this bed,” Chuck sighed, “What was the point of coming back to life if I was going to spend my whole second life in this bed!”  Chuck realized what she said and looked over at Olive, looking for a sign of personal trauma or heart attack.
Olive simply smiled at her, “Ned told me everything.  That’s why you’re under the name Kitty Pims here.”
“You’re not freaked out or anything?”
“No, not at all.  At least everything makes sense now,” Olive said shrugging.  She ran her hand through Chuck’s long hair the best she could with it splayed against the pillow.  She pulled her bangs down and they reached well past her nose.  “We should get your bangs cut,” Olive said matter-of-factly.
“I feel gross,” Chuck said scrunching up her nose.  Olive shook her head, “You look beautiful.”  Chuck blushed and Olive’s fingers trailed lightly down her face.
“Come on,” Olive said putting an arm behind Chuck’s neck and helping her sit up.  “What are we doing?” Chuck winced as her spine cracked from months of immobility.
“We’re going to get you in the bath.”
Olive moved her arm around Chuck’s tiny waist and helped her move her legs over the side of the bed.  “Are you okay?” Olive asked.  “Yeah, I’m good,” Chuck said, “actually I feel great.”  With a little too much overconfidence she slid off the bed, but her legs gave out and her knees buckled.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I got you,” Olive said holding her up before she hit the ground.  She gently helped her up until she got her legs back and could stand up with Olive’s help.  There was a shooting pain running up her legs that caused her eyes to water and a grimace to appear on her face.
“Are you okay?” Olive said squeezing her waist reassuringly.  Chuck nodded, “Let’s just get to the bathroom.”  There was a bathroom connected to Chuck’s room with a bathtub and a toilet that Olive set her on while she turned on the water.
“Thanks, Olive,” Chuck said, “I appreciate the help.”  Olive looked up at her as she tested the water, “I’m not leaving.  I’m helping you still.”
“What?” Chuck asked clutching her hospital robe tighter to her body.  “Oh, don’t be modest, hun.  You don’t keep the bathroom door as tight as you think sometimes.”
“What?” Chuck said an octave higher than normal, “You’ve…seen me in the shower?”
“It’s not like I was trying,” Olive said undoing the tie in the back of Chuck’s robe and pushing it down her shoulders, ignoring Chuck’s feeble attempts to cover herself, “Plus, it’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of.”
Chuck blushed deeply both from the comment and form Olive pulling her robe down to her waist.  “Come on, let me help you into the tub,” Olive said putting her arm back around Chuck and pulling her up.  The robe fell down her legs and pooled around her ankles, causing her to blush.  Olive lowered her into the water slowly and the warmth soaked slowly into her skin.
“Is the water okay?” Olive asked grabbing a washcloth and soaking it in the water.  “It’s great,” Chuck croaked, “What are you doing?”  Olive had taken a washcloth and soaked it in the water before reaching to run it over Chuck’s face.
“I’m helping you,” Olive said matter-of-factly, “Is that okay?”  Chuck nodded She watched Olive’s face carefully as she ran the washcloth softly over Chuck’s pale body.  The blonde’s eyes remained trained on wherever the washcloth went.  Over the flat pane of her stomach, over her legs, over her breasts.
The feeling of the washcloth against her body conjured up images of her dream where Olive’s hands replaced the washcloth.  Chuck felt her whole body blush, eyes fluttering closed from the intimacy of Olive washing her.
‘Calm down,’ Chuck told herself, ‘she’s just being a friend.’  But the more Olive moved the washcloth deliberately over her body she wondered how much of the dream could possibly be true.  Her eyes fluttered shut and a moan was tickling her throat.  She could feel it at the tip on her tongue, about to erupt from her mouth as the washcloth traveled across her collarbone and down over the curves of her breast.  Chuck grabbed Olive’s hand before she got too far down her breast. 
Chuck’s heart was beating wildly as she looked up at Olive, her aqua eyes seeming somewhat darker.  “What’s wrong?” Olive asked never moving her hand.  “Nothing.  I’m just…” Chuck tried to think of a good excuse, “the water’s getting cold.  I kinda wanna get out.”
Olive nodded numbly and set the wet washcloth on the rim of the tub.  She helped Chuck out of the tub and promptly wrapped a towel around her.  She rubbed the brunette’s shivering body with the towel in an attempt to warm her up.  If only she knew how worked up her body really was.
Fatigue had taken over Chuck’s body and she felt her eyes drooping.  “I’m really tired,” she yawned.  Olive pulled her head down and tucked it under her chin.  She massaged the brunette’s scalp and whispered, “We’ll get you to bed.”
Chuck nodded and let the petite woman walk her to the hospital bed, her legs still weak.  She got into the bed and sighed into the pillow.  Olive pulled back the sheet and crawled into bed next to Chuck.  “Wha-?”
“Ssh,” Olive shushed her, “I’ve been sleeping on that couch for a long time, and it is not fun.  Just rest.”
Chuck was too tired to respond either way but definitely did not mind sharing the bed with the blonde.  Olive snuggled into her side and asked, “Am I hurting you?”
Chuck shook her head and smiled.  Before drifting off to sleep she felt a tiny arm slip around her waist.
Yay for baths! Boo for Randy Man not being hit by a bus or a rampant Rhino or something...lol. Excellent story!