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Title: "Crashes and Second Chances" (7/?)
Rating: M (entire series)
Summary: A scary accident makes Chuck realize that life (even second ones) can be short so she decides to go after what she wants most: Olive. Only things aren't always as good as they seem.
Notes: Short. But the next chap is better, I promise.
Part 7
Chuck opened her eyes wearily, blinking the sleep out of them.  She still fel the weight of the small arm around her waist and a mess of blonde hair blocked her vision and she smiled, doing her best to snuggle further into in without waking Olive.
She noticed movement in the room and lifted her stiff neck the best she could.  “Ned?”
He smiled sheepishly at her, “Did I wake you?”
“No, not at all,” she said unable to hide her smile, “I’m glad  you came.”  He sat down on the chair besides the bed and looked at Olive.  “Oh, I didn’t know you already had company,” he whispered when he saw the blonde curled up into Chuck’s side, blushing slightly.
“How are you?” Chuck said, “After the accident I mean.”  
“I was fine.  A couple of stitches.  I was a lot better off than you anyways.”
Chuck shrugged, “I’m not doing too bad.  It could be worse.”
The sound of mechanic beeping and whirring filled the silence between them as the two stared at one another.  Chuck remembered her confession to Ned before the accident about having feelings for Olive and wondered if he remembered it.  And if he did what he thought of Olive in the bed with Chuck.
“Hey, Ned,” she began blushing slightly, “Remember, before we crashed I said-“
“Yes,” he interrupted, “I remember.  And I think that’s great.  Except-“
“Yeah,” Chuck said remembering Olive’s impending marriage, “I know.”
Ned nodded and looked away.  “I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine,” Chuck said quietly, “There’s nothing I can do.  I’ve been in a dream world for six months.”
“Chuck?” Olive said wearily, clutching her hospital gown tighter, “Who’re you talkin’ too?”
“It’s just Ned,” Chuck answered rubbing the arm around her waist.  Olive looked over towards Ned and smiled, “Hey, Ned.  You better have brought some pie.”
Ned smiled and held up a box, “I did.  Apple crumble.”
“Good choice,” she said settling back down into Chuck’s side, “Breakfast taken care of.”
The nurse walked into the room with a clipboard in her hand.  She checked Chuck’s vitals, reaching around Olive and smiling in amusement as she went.  “Well, Miss Pims,” the nurse said, “You can go home tomorrow morning.”
“Really?” Chuck and Olive said simultaneously, Olive sitting up.
“Yep,” she said smiling cheerily, “First thing in the morning.”  She walked out and Olive clutched Chuck around the neck.  “You can finally come home!”
“Yeah,” Chuck said returning the hug, “Finally.”  Ned looked on, watching the two woman’s interactions carefully.
“I’m going to go,” he said getting up, “I’ll come by with the car tomorrow to get you.”
“Thank you,” Chuck said as Olive hopped off the bed.  “You’re welcome,” he said before walking out the door.