Title: "Crashes and Second Chances" (9/?)
Rating: M (entire series)
Summary: A scary accident makes Chuck realize that life (even second ones) can be short so she decides to go after what she wants most: Olive. Only things aren't always as good as they seem.
 Part 9
Chuck yawned loudly as she wiped down the counter of the Pie Hole aimlessly. She had been “cleaning” the same spot for the last ten minutes as she was really watching Olive and Alfredo who were sitting at a nearby booth.  She didn’t get a lot of sleep that night because every time she closed her eyes she was plagued with pictures of Olive and Alfredo together being happy.
“I think that spot is clean enough now,” Ned said sliding up beside her.  Chuck blushed, “Oh, sorry.”  Ned followed her line of sight and saw who she was looking at.
He sighed and took the cloth from Chuck’s hands, careful not to touch her.  “You know, she’s hardly ever left since the accident,” he said wiping down the rest of the counter.
“What?” Chuck asked, her heart going out to the blonde.  “The first couple of weeks she didn’t leave at all,” Ned explained, “she just sat here and watched over you.  She would move your arms and legs, moving your body into different positions because she couldn’t stand seeing you on your back constantly.  She said it made you look like you were in your coffin.  That’s probably why you can move so well after you woke up, she was constantly moving you so you didn’t stiffen up.  We finally got her to leave, but we had to force her.  She was starting to look sick herself.”
Tears formed in Chuck’s eyes and she looked back at the blonde who was sitting at the booth.  “Really?” she croaked.  Ned nodded and smiled softly, “She really cares about you.”
“Yeah, but she’s getting married to freakin’ Alfredo with his scary taxidermy animals everywhere,” Chuck said wiping tears from her eyes.  “Chuck,” Ned said lowering her voice, “trust me, she doesn’t care about him the way she cares about you. Anyone can tell. I can tell. And you know I’m not the sharpest with these kinds of things.”
She chuckled and nodded, “Maybe.”
“Chuck,” Ned said, “Trust me.”  He walked away and Chuck was left behind he counter.  She watched Olive get up from the booth and walk towards the kitchen.  Maybe Ned was right, she began to reason.  She had not only died, but had almost died again.  If that had taught her anything, it was that she needed to take each day and live it out the best she could.
As Olive walked towards her, she smiled up at the brunette.  “Hey, Sweeti-“
Chuck grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against her, smashing their lips together.  Olive moaned in surprise, but then began to relax into the kiss.  She put her arms around Chuck’s neck and drew her closer, kissing her back.
Chuck marveled in how soft and inviting Olive’s lips were, just as they were in her dream.  She took her boldness to a new level and tentatively ran her tongue along Olive’s bottom lip. 
The blonde suddenly jumped away as if Chuck were on fire, putting a hand to her swollen lips.  Her eyes were wide as she looked at Chuck, both women panting.  “Olive-“
“I…I can’t,” Olive stammered, “I…Alfredo.”  She turned and walked quickly away, leaving Chuck behind as her heart broke.