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Title: "Crashes and Second Chances" (10/?)
Rating: M (entire series)
Summary: A scary accident makes Chuck realize that life (even second ones) can be short so she decides to go after what she wants most: Olive. Only things aren't always as good as they seem
Note: 1) sorry it’s been so long since I posted. 2) I totally am shocked by the way this ended…I wasn’t planning on it. But hey, what happens happens.
Part 10
Chuck stared at where the blonde once stood, the thought of her arms around her more real than ever.  Chuck touched her lips lightly, still feeling the tingle of the blonde’s pressed against them.
“Chuck?” Ned said coming up cautiously besides her, “Chuck, I’m sorry.  I shouldn-“
“No.  It’s not your fault,” Chuck said letting her hand fall limply to her side, “It’s better to know that she doesn’t want me then to spend my time wondering.”
The brunette held a hand up to stop him and walked away.  She walked to his apartment, feet blindly guiding her all the way.  When she got there, she crumpled into the bed, wiling it to swallow her whole right there.  She wished she were back in that hospital bed, oblivious to the real world that was going on beyond her fluttering eyelids.  Wrapping her arms around herself she wished the sickness in her stomach would go away.  She couldn’t even cry.  She felt so hollow that she didn’t know what to do but lay here and wallow in her own sorrow.
She didn’t know when she fell asleep, but when she awoke darkness filled the room and she had to blink several times to realize her eyes were indeed open.  She sat up and rubbed her eyes, wondering where the time had gone.
The muffled cry came from the other side of the door in the hall and Chuck rubbed her forehead.
“Olive!” the voice called again, desperation dripping from each letter.  Chuck walked to the door and opened it.  When she walked out her foot hit a taxidermy squirrel playing a tuba that had been placed unceremoniously on the floor.  Looking around the hall, it appeared as if some sick zoo had escaped Olive’s apartment and was now living in the hall.  There were taxidermy dogs in costumes and cats with balloons next to gophers in funny hats.  Littered among the animals were various trunks and bags with Randy’s name on them.
Only then did she notice the man standing outside Olive’s door, squeezing between a bear and the door as he yelled.  “Olive!  Please, tell me what I did!”
“You didn’t do anything,” came Olive’s muffled voice from the other side of the door, “Just leave, please.”
“Olive!  You can’t just expect me to walk away without an explanation!”
The blonde remained silent and Randy sighed, running a hand through his hair.  He turned and looked at his possessions strewn around the hall and only then did he notice Chuck.
“Chuck!” he said rushing over to her, “do you know what’s wrong with Olive?”
She simply shook her head, “What happened?”
“I don’t know!  I came back from the shop and all my stuff was in the hall and she changed the locks!  She even put her engagement ring on a beaver!”
“I’m…sorry,” Chuck said unsure of how to react to the news.  “Can you talk to her, please?” Randy asked, “You’re her best friend and I don’t know what happened!”
Chuck shook her head furiously, “No.  She doesn’t want to talk to me.”
“Why?  You’re best friends!  Of course she does!  Please.”
When Chuck saw the pleading in Randy’s eyes she really did feel sorry for him.  And maybe talking to Olive about this would give her an excuse to talk to Olive about what happened between them earlier.  So she sighed and nodded, walking over to the door and knocking timidly.
“I told you to go away, Randy!” she said through the door.
“It…it’s Chuck.”
There was a long silence on the other side before Chuck hears the lock slide open.  The door opened slowly and blue eyes appeared through the crack peering out at Chuck.  “He’s not with you, is he?” she asked, her eyes darting to look around Chuck.
She shook her head and the blonde opened the door carefully, opening it just far enough for Chuck to slip through.  Chuck looked around the apartment and saw that it looked exactly the same as before she had had the accident.  She breathed in the familiarity before she realized that Olive was looking at her from her place at the door.
“I um…Randy wanted me to talk to you,” Chuck said dumbly.  “Is that the only reason why you’re here?  Because Randy sent you?” Olive asked sincerely.  Chuck searched her face for a hint at what answer she was looking for but got none.  
“Yes,” she lied.  Olive sighed and walked over to the couch, sitting down.  “What do you want to know then?” she asked bluntly.
“He just wants to know why you left him,” Chuck shrugged.  Olive looked up at her, fury in her eyes.  “You’re asking me that?”
Chuck frowned and looked at the blonde, “Yes?”
“You’re seriously going to ask me that?” Olive had gotten up from her place on the couch and was now stalking closer to Chuck, anger burning in blue eyes.  Chuck walked backwards, genuinely afraid of Olive at this point who looked like she was going to attack her.  Chuck’s back hit a wall and she swallowed.  Olive was inches away from her, her nostrils flaring and sweat beading on her forehead.
Chuck couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty, even when she looked like she was about to rip her throat out.  “Ask. Me that. Again,” Olive insisted.
“Ask wh-?”
“Ask.  Me.  Again.”
“Why are you leaving him?”
As soon as the words escaped her lips, Olive swallowed them, pressing her mouth firmly to Chuck’s.  The brunette’s palms were flat against the wall, not sure what to do with them.  Olive threaded her fingers roughly into Chuck’s hair and pulled her impossibly close.
Chuck tried to react and think but the feeling of Olive’s tongue invading her mouth clouded her mind and all coherent thought was gone.  Somehow her hands managed to find purpose on Olive’s face, cupping her cheeks as Olive’s hands began to roughly pull at Chuck’s dress.  She groaned when she felt her zipper being ripped down and tiny fingers splaying against her bareback.
“Olive,” Chuck panted, trying to object.  Olive pulled at her bottom lip roughly and pushed Chuck’s dress from her shoulders.  She held her hips tightly and pushed her firmly against the wall.
“Olive,” Chuck said trying to gain control of the blonde as well as herself once more.  But Olive’s lips attached themselves to her pulse point and she moaned loudly, embarrassed by her own self-control.  She could feel Olive smiling against her skin as she nipped and sucked on her tender skin, not bothering to be careful not to leave a mark.
Somehow Chuck had lost her bra and Olive’s mouth was quickly taking advantage of it, licking around her nipples before biting down on one.  Pain was overcome by pleasure and Chuck held the blonde’s head, bringing her closer.  She should stop her, she knew that, but the feeling of her lips and tongue against the most sensitive parts of her body was something she never wanted to give up.  
She felt small fingers lifting her knee and wrapping her left leg around Olive’s waist.  Olive stroked her thigh, starting at the knee and slowly stroking upwards to the place Chuck needed her most.
“Olive,” she said softly.  She wasn’t sure if it was spoken in protest or encouragement but she didn’t care when she felt Olive’s fingers slip past her underwear and into heat.  Chuck instinctively bucked her hips into Olive’s hand who pressed her hips into Chuck’s to try and keep her in place.
Olive rubbed Chuck’s sensitive nub softly and slowly, torturing the brunette writhing under her hand.  Chuck’s arms her flailing in pleasure, once pressed into Olive’s lower back and one palm pressed flat against the wall.  Olive entered her swiftly and Chuck moaned loudly, getting used to the feeling of the blonde inside of her.  Olive began to thrust into her strongly, her hips mimicking her ministrations, pressing her palm into Chuck’s clit in time with her thrusts.
“Oh, my-“ Chuck said biting her lips in pleasure and pressing her head against the wall.  Olive looked Chuck blankly in the eyes, her usually cool blue stare clouded with passion, lust and frustration.  Chuck mewled both from the sensation of the blonde grinding into her and the look she was giving her as she did so.
Spots began to appear in front of her eyes and her eyes fluttered shut, her mouth opening in a silent scream.  She felt her world collapsing around her and the only thing that was keeping her safe was Olive’s hand on her hip.
As she hit her peak, mind hazy she heard the words: “I love you” before she slumped against the wall.
Dude, I know, school. Wtf man? They actually want us to learn or some shit. Become "better people". Bah. lol

It's all good. If I was actually a responsible student I'd never be on here writing and such.